Govt & Non Govt Scholarship Scheme

Our college has a fee concession policy and it aims to ensure that education remains accessible to the wider range of people, including the ones from economically weaker section of society. Our policy also has a certain eligibility criterion that the students need to fulfill for financial assistance. It includes factors like income level, academic performance or social circumstances. Applicants submit their application and provide the required documents as proof. The application is further by the institution keeping in mind the financial situations and policy guidelines. Then the final decision on fee concession is communicated to the applicants. This concession ranges from a partial concession to a complete waiver of fees, depending on circumstances. Fee concession can be granted for a specific period, such as a semester or academic year. In some cases, they may be renewable upon reevaluation of the applicant's circumstances.

Apart from this, our institution has launched a financial assistance scheme to help financially weaker students from rural, semi-urban, and urban areas of district Mansa from session 2022-2023.A special committee has been formed for mentor scheme. Under this scheme financial help is extended to all the deserving under privileged girls without any discrimination. For this, the college collects voluntary donations from management, teachers. and other sources like NGOs. Self Help groups. The financial help is extended to all deserving underprivileged girls without any discrimination of caste and creed. Mentor committee scrutinizes the applications and finalizes the list of eligible students after the verification and submits the same to the principal for sanctioning the actual amount of the aid.

Fee concessions and scholarships:

  • Concession in college fees is given to needy students.
  • Female students belonging to Scheduled Castes/Backward Classes are eligible for benefits under Punjab/Central Government and Post Matric Scholarship Scheme.
  • The students are encouraged to fill Nishkam Scholarships form from Sita Ram Jindal Foundation New Delhi etc.
  • The benefits provided by the Punjab/Central Government for the children of freedom fighters are also accessible at this college.
  • Examination fee is not charged by the university from handicapped students. Apart from this, female students get stipends from Social Welfare Department, Punjab.
  • Facilities for children of riot victim families are also available.

Note: To avail the benefits of the said scheme, the student needs to be aware about the college notices. Notices are placed on the college notice board to avail the government schemes related to scholarships for students. College staff committees are formed to guide the students timely. It is the responsibility of the student to fill the form on time and complete other necessary procedures.