Examination Policy

Examination Policy

The motive of the examination policy of the college is to make sure that the process of examination is transparent and well-organized and to implement the policy effectively, the teaching and the non-teaching staff are involved. The college conducts university exams as well as its own internal mid semester exams (MST).

Policy (For Internal Exams)

  • The Principal is the chief coordinator of examination along with the Registrar (examination) who is responsible for conducting all kinds of MST in the college.
  • The duty of the Registrar is performed by the staff alternatively.
  • The internal examinations are taken once in each semester.
  • An examination committee is formulated having the representation from all the faculty members.
  • Duties are assigned to assist the Registrar to conduct examinations.
  • Question papers are framed by the respective departments and submitted to the Registrar in time.
  • The duty chart is framed and circulated 7 days before the examination.
  • One invigilator for 40 students is deputed.
  • Seating plans of students is prepared and properly displayed on examination notice boards.
  • Any kind of malpractices in the examination is total restricted.
  • Grievances if any regarding examinations are addressed by Examination Grievances Committee.
  • The question papers are discussed in class rooms by the concerned teachers and all doubts related to exams are cleared.
  • Special tests are conducted for the students who could not take their tests due to either their some personal reason or participation in college activities. The NSS Volunteers, NCC cadets and other students participating in various activities i.e Sports, Zonal and Inter-Zonal Youth Festivals get exempted from the scheduled Internal Examination.

Policy (For External Exams)

  • The college conducts university exams as per the instruction/guidelines of university with the college Principal as Chief controller examination.
  • The duties of superintendents are assigned by the university and the invigilators and other supporting staff are deputed by the college.
  • The college follows all guidelines and instructions strictly issued by the university time to time.
  • The college also contributes in the university examination as an Examination centre and the teachers evaluate the university exams.